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Spaceasaur by TrumooPuff-Yogurt Spaceasaur :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 0 0 what by TrumooPuff-Yogurt what :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 0 0 Bird by TrumooPuff-Yogurt Bird :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 1 0 WIP by TrumooPuff-Yogurt WIP :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 0 0 The Rainbow Bird, Ho-Oh by TrumooPuff-Yogurt The Rainbow Bird, Ho-Oh :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 6 3 Goomy by TrumooPuff-Yogurt Goomy :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 1 0
Poison Vine
From the poison vine
They grow, never ceasing
With their thorns of acid
The danger keeps increasing
Feeding off of the wise woods
Clinging to them for more
Not as a barricade for the woods
But as a burden causing a sore
As they feed and produce
The poison vines grow thicker
Never helping another living
Their control reduce
If it were not for the wise
Would the thorns never grow?
Could the vine cut short?
Or will there always be the lies?
No matter how short or long
Even if they ne'r prolong
They are always there
Lies growing from the schmo
:icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 0 0
Queen Sectonia (Wip) by TrumooPuff-Yogurt Queen Sectonia (Wip) :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 0 1
Beachly Lovings
Oh, the sunny bay
Great for a glorious day
The sand under the toes
And the salty water as far as the eye goes
Many children yelling and having fun
While the seabirds snatch a snack
And the parents have their feeling of "done"
They dread the feeling of going back
Oh, the sunny bay
If only everyone could stay
Vacation all the time
And if only not to pay a dime
But if we're to keep the things we love
Like a caged bird we don't set free
Sometimes for over above
It's nice change for the shade of a tree.
:icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 0 0
WIP Birthday gift by TrumooPuff-Yogurt WIP Birthday gift :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 0 0 Positivity Pyukumuku by TrumooPuff-Yogurt Positivity Pyukumuku :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 1 0 Primarina complaints by TrumooPuff-Yogurt Primarina complaints :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 1 0 The True Cutiefly by TrumooPuff-Yogurt The True Cutiefly :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 1 0 Xeronis by TrumooPuff-Yogurt Xeronis :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 1 0 Sandwich by TrumooPuff-Yogurt Sandwich :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 0 0 Rawr by TrumooPuff-Yogurt Rawr :icontrumoopuff-yogurt:TrumooPuff-Yogurt 1 0


gay skull grampas by CoksTheDragon gay skull grampas :iconcoksthedragon:CoksTheDragon 30 17 reveal by CoksTheDragon reveal :iconcoksthedragon:CoksTheDragon 25 15 I'm a shaaaaaark by CoksTheDragon I'm a shaaaaaark :iconcoksthedragon:CoksTheDragon 36 36 Leafy Merm by SirJellyRaptor
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Leafy Merm :iconsirjellyraptor:SirJellyRaptor 7 4
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I am in ze emotion zone
I feel everything but idk what I'm feeling
And I need help, because I have nobody to express this to.
But aaaaahhh I don't wanna bother anyone about it
I am weird
So update about my sketchbook problem
I got it back! (This is old now, but anyways. XD) Thankfully my 4th block teacher understands how important it is to me. So she kept it for me.
I love people sometimes.
I'm so freaking pissed and scared. I left my sketchbook at school, and I do not trust that place one damn bit. All the freaking thieves.. I swear, if someone thinks they can get away with stealing my sketchbook, they better hope and pray that I don't find their ass.
Freaking got bored and drew a dinosaur in the big space of my Spanish workbook.

Better get extra credit for this.

And I'll put all the tags I want because I want to. Bleh
I freaking hate using public bathrooms at school. What's bad enough is when people are perverted enough to peek at you through the freaking crack of the door.

I can tell today is just gonna be great..


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John LePach
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United States
I'm just one of them people that just.. Draws when I feel like it. Weh.

I'm probably more known on Miiverse. Here's the link. lol…


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This is way freaking better than Miiverse. XD
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*breathes in* FFFFFFFFFFFrick.

Damn, that was bad.

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